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KLC is a 4th generation Pittsburgher.  There is some kind of magic in Pittsburgh.  KLC knew this growing up, but it was not until she went off to the University of Virginia that she realized how much the city had a hold on her.  The need for anything black and gold became urgent and the occasional run-in with a fellow 'Burger was cherished.



After college, she moved back to Pittsburgh and worked for REI.  Then the mountains beckoned and she answered by transfering to Boulder, Colorado.  As an avid skier and runner with a love for the outdoors, KLC found a fitting home here.  Christmas came and for the first time, KLC was not 'burgh-bound for the holiday.  She wanted to send her family something creative and meaningful.  While running, she came up with the idea of painting Pittsburgh's bridges on pallet wood and she set forth. Once delivered and unwrapped, pictures of the bridges were posted on Facebook and requests started coming in.  KLC has figured out her way to capture the magic of her city and is thrilled to be able to share it.



KLC Bridge

Portrait of Artist: KLC/Cassie Corcoran

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